Monthly Archives: March 2014

Dog swimming in pool

Caesar the dog is swimming in the Pet Depot Pool and likes it so much when he is called to come he turns around and swims away from his owners.


Expert Interview of Austin Divorce Lawyer Cristi Trusler

Austin divorce attorney Cristi Trusler was recently interviewed about what you should look for when you’re trying to find someone to help you through a divorce. The advice she gives is particularly relevant for someone that is looking for a lawyer online and discusses some of the best resources you should use during your search.

Big Data Analytics

For Big Data Analysis purposes, Datameer 4.0 enables analysts to “flip” any data set & see a visual profile of the data, in excel like spreadsheet. This visual representation enables analysts to understand quality and shape of their data on the spot after each ingest, join or transformation. They have a free trial which you may download …

Love Gives Chances

Charity Work is very important to Cassidy. Cassidy is very passionate about what she believes in and is determined to give back to those who have and continue to believe in her. In November of 2012 she founded her own Non-Profit Organization Called “Love Gives Chances”. Her goal is to empower Foster Youth and encourage them to find the courage to go after their dreams. At the same time letting the world know how incredible adopting a child from foster care can be, bringing hope to more children before they age out of the system.